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Running a script when a user reconnects, disconnects, locks, unlocks and roams from a session

If you don’t have third party tools like RES Workspace Manager, AppSense Environment Manager or Immidio Flex+ there is no easy way to run a script on a reconnect, lock or other event.

SessionManager is a small freeware tool to run commands when a specific Windows session event occurs.

SessionManager can be started from a command prompt, but will typically be used from a logon script, group policy, etcetera. SessionManager should be started when a user starts a session.

SessionManager uses a XML file to store the configuration. You can change the XML file to start a specific action. Supported file-types are .PS1, .VBS, .CMD and .EXE. The tool also sets a CURRENT_CLIENTNAME and CURRENT_CLIENTIP variabele.

Download SessionManager at the Tools section. Please feel free to send me an e-mail for enhancements, bugreports or other questions.

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