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Install Sonatype Nexus on Synology Docker

This blog post will show how to install SonaType Nexus Repository Manager in a Docker instance on a Synology Diskstation. SonaType Nexus is a great open-source tool to manage my docker containers, apt-, go-, maven-, npm-, nuget- and yum packages. It also supports raw files, to store my application installation- and operating system ISO files.

I prefer a repository manager above a file share: it supports version control, logging, checksums, and a lot of more advanced functions.

To install Sonatype Nexus on a Synology Docker instance, log on to the Synology DSM and select the Docker page. Be sure the Docker package is installed: If not, install it via the Package Center.

Go to the Image tab and search for sonatype/nexus3 image. Click the 'Download' button. The image will be downloaded from the registry. If finished, select the image and click 'Launch'.

Enter a container name and click the 'Advanced Settings' button. In the 'Advanced Settings' tab, enable 'Auto-Restart'. This ensures that the container will automatically restart after an outage of the Synology DiskStation. On the 'Volume' tab, Add a folder from the Synology device and mount it to /nexus-data. This ensures the data is persistent and will not be overwritten when a new version of the container is installed. On the 'Port Settings' tab, please be sure 8081 is selected. Use a different port when it is already in use.

On the 'Environment' tab, add variable 'NEXUS_SECURITY_RANDOMPASSWORD' with value 'false'. This ensures no random password is generated and the default logon name is admin with password admin123.

If not specified, an admin.password text file with a random password will be generated at the /nexus-data folder.

The last step is to confirm the settings and start the container. After a couple of minutes you can browse to the URL of the Synology Diskstation with port 8081, like HTTP://<url>:8081 access the Nexus Repository Manager with username 'admin' and password 'admin123'.

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