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RES Software trainers meeting

Last week I attended the annual RES Software Certified Trainers (RCT) meeting at RES Software in ‘s Hertogenbosch/Netherlands. All RES Software Certified Trainers meet and discuss topic like training materials, exams, what’s new in software products and other stuff. It is also a bit a social event, good to see the crew at RES Software again and meet other trainers.

As most topics are under NDA and I can’t blog much about it but I can tell you the following information:

- There will be a new RES Software Automation Manager 2014 exam. This will be expected around the timeframe of Q2/Q3 2014. Also there will be a new RES IT Store 2014 exam. The IT Store 2014 exam is not necessary for your RCT/RSP status. The RES Workspace Manager 2012 exam will not be updated.

- The current three books of each training will be integrated into one book instead of three separate manuals. For the RES Workspace Manager training there will be one book and also one for the RES Automation Manager training.

- Lots of new cool features in RES Workspace Manager 2014, RES Automation Manager 2014 and the new IT Store product. Expect the releases next February, I will write a blog about it.

I would like to thank Jochem from RES Software for the hospitality and the other trainers for the nice meeting. See you all next year!

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