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RES Software Technical Update Event

Last week I visited the RES Technical Update Event organized by Dupaco and RES Software at event location ‘Het Oude Magazijn’ in Amersfoort. At this event, for partners and resellers only, Dupaco and RES Software informs the attendees about the new releases and the roadmap of the different RES Software products.

Laurent van der Geest from Dupaco and Jasper van Westen from RES Software did a presentation about the new features of the RESONE Service Store 2015 FR1. One cool feature of the Service Store Release is the new web based management interface with a visual workflow of all the transactions.

Next interesting presentation was the roadmap session with Bob de Kousemaeker and Martin Lako. In this session Bob and Martin talked about the future of the RESONE software products. This session was under NDA so unfortunately I cannot blog about it, but it was a very interesting session. I cannot wait to test the upcoming versions of RESONE Workspace, RESONE Automation and the RESONE Service Store!

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the last session about RES Professional Services.

During dinner I talked with several colleagues and partners. It was nice to see them again and have some talks. Hopefully there will be more events like this, not only for resellers and partners but also with RES Software customers and enthusiasts.

My compliments to Dupaco for organizing this event, good location, good food and perfectly organized! Maybe until next year with another RES Technical Update event and start a tradition.

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