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RES RSVP meeting

In the last week before the Christmas holidays the bi-annual RSVP (RES Software Valued Professional) meeting was held at the RES Software HQ. As a proud RSVP member I was also invited and I had the honors to give a small presentation about the BuildingBlock Wizard, see one of my next posts on my blog.

The meeting was all about the upcoming release of their new IT Store product. Technically it is more or less the old Service Orchestration module of Automation Manager in a new design, but the marketing guys told us that it is all new, new, new.

Unfortunately most information is under NDA so I cannot blog about it, but I can absolutely say it rocks. The release is planned around February 2014, so I will definitely write a few blogs about it. The IT store is more than only an app-store, it is a personalized enterprise IT store. It cannot only be used to request applications, but it also be used for user onboarding and offboarding, automate service desk task and provide service request to the user. A service request can be for example a cab reservation, request a new fully installed workstation or automatically perform system administration tasks.

For what I have seen it is very cool and I believe it will help organizations to take the next step in IT service maturity.

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