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Problem Steps Recorder

I am very surprised how many people don’t know this fantastic small tool. It is standard Windows functionality since Windows 7 and if you need to report a bug or document installation or configuration steps, this tool is a ‘must-have’. I am talking about the (Problem) Steps Recorder, PSR.EXE

I use it a lot for documenting installations or quickly record where a program goes wrong. Search for steps recorder or PSR.EXE on your Windows machine and click on ‘Start Record’. PSR.EXE behaves like a screen casting tool, but instead of megabytes full screen video, every click or action a screenshot is made.

The user can save the document as a ZIP file and e-mail it to the support department. Actually it is a compressed MHTML document.

When you are a sequencer/packager, this should be your standard tool for documenting installations and configurations. Do you agree ?

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