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Nutanix Mission Control

Do you want a jump start when learning Nutanix AHV? Check in at Nutanix Mission Control to get the most out of invisible virtualization! is a website that provides information and services related to Nutanix AHV (Acropolis Hypervisor) virtualization technology. The site provides several resources and services related to Nutanix AHV virtualization, including:

  1. Nutanix Move: Migrate Microsoft Hyper-V or VMWare vShpere virtual machines to Nutanix AHV.

  2. Nutanix Prism Central: This service is a web-based interface for managing Nutanix AHV infrastructure, including VMs, network settings, and storage.

  3. Nutanix Community Edition: This is a free version of Nutanix AHV that can be used for development and testing purposes. The website provides information on how to download and install Nutanix CE.

  4. Day one operations: Getting started creating and managing VMs, taking snapshots, expanding capacity, and more...

If you want to learn Nutanix AHV, definitely check this site and watch the videos!

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