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My Bungalow Birdhouse

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

3D printing the original American Craftsman Bungalow Birdhouse..

Recently I bought a 3D printer to explore the possibilities. Can I print objects in a remote session ? does it work with printer redirection ? When I have some spare time left I will certainly investigate these options, but for a start I want to know if the printer works. The best way to test a printer is to print something, and what can be more beautiful then a birdhouse? Yes, you are correct, an American Craftsmen bungalow birdhouse!

Thanks to there are thousands of 3D printer samples to use and play with around. The complete birdhouse is printed in five parts: bottom, arms, eave perches, chimney and body.

Printing is very sloooooow, the body alone took 26 hours! That is a very long time and I have personally experienced that a lot of things can go wrong in the meantime. For example, I learned it is important for the printed object to be attached to the plate until the printing is finished.

Below are some pictures of the finished birdhouse:

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