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Goodbye Service Store, Welcome Identity Director!

Remember those days of Citrix rebranding the product names over and over again like WinFrame, MetaFrame, Presentation Server and XenApp ? Now these days are back!

Not from Citrix Systems, but this time from the fine folks of RES Software. The RES ONE Service Store product will be rebranded to RES ONE Identity Director and the full RES ONE Suite will be rebranded to RES ONE Enterprise.

And this is not the only change, for the RESONE Workspace and Automation products there will be new management consoles, the version numbers will start with 10 and reporting capabilities will be added.

So why the name change ? The Partner FAQ states: "This name change is in response to the growing customer use cases leveraging the product to better manage and orchestrate identity and access requirements." So it seems this is more a marketing thing. The product will be more or less the same, just a name change and a revamped web console.

Is this good or bad ? From a personal point of view, I do not like name changes. Better put effort in enhancing and innovating the product rather than changing the name and selling the same meat with a different gravy. And with still no 64bit workspace client available, I think it is definitely time to innovate.

So this is bad, right ? No, not necessary. In the old days, Citrix has had a lot of criticism about the name change. And when Citrix changed from IMA to FMA architecture, hell broke loose. But look at Citrix now, totally transformed to a new Citrix: Great software, vibrant community, innovating features and pushing out new software features and versions faster than a blink of an eye.

If RES Software will follow the same path, I am confident this name change will start a new era of creating, automating and securing the digital workspace....

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