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E2Evc Barcelona

Last weekend I attended the E2EVC conference, formerly known as ‘PubForum’. Alex Juschin, the organizer, changed the name a few years ago from ‘PubForum’ to E2EVC, I wonder why : - ) And yes, indeed, the beer will be sponsored most of the time…

This time the conference was in Barcelona, from 24 October until 26 October. I arrived a day early to enjoy the Barcelona scenery.

E2Evc has about 120 attendees, about 30 presenters a bus sightseeing tour and a networking night out. Also there are at least 4 Citrix Technology Professionals, 5 Microsoft Valued Professionals and a few VMWare vExperts present.

I can personally recommend to attend any of the E2EVC conferences. Not only about the beer, but also the quality and depth of the presentations are very high. E2EVC is held twice a year in Europe and there is also a conference in Australia and United States.

Next conference will be June 12-14 2015 in Berlin.

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