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Create a MDT Reference Image Task Sequence

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Part 2 of 6: Create a Reference Image MDT TaskSequence

Automated process of building up-to-date .WIM images to use for deployment of servers and workstations.

In this second part we will create the MDT TaskSequence for the Reference Image. With the TaskSequence the operating system will be installed, updated and captured as a .WIM file. This WIM file can be used as input to deploy servers and workstations.


- Install Windows Assesment and Deployment Kit (ADK)

- Install Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

- Create service account

- Create Reference Share

- Import Operating systems

- Create MDT Reference Image TaskSequence

- Configure TaskSequence and reference share

- Add optional applications to Reference Image

- Remove ‘Press any key…’ from WinPE boot CD

- Create Windows Reference Images

- Copy Reference Images to an MDT Deployment share

Create MDT Reference Image TaskSequence:

After the operating systems are imported, the Reference Image TaskSequence can be created. This is a manual task. First create a clear Task Seqence folder structure like the example below. Now we can create the Task Sequence. I have created a automation module in the past, but the TaskSequence uses a unattended.xml which is different for each OS and OS version. Creating the TaskSequence is very simple, open the Deployment Workbench, go to Task Sequences and select ‘New Task Sequence’. A wizard will start to guide you through the process. Important is to remember the TaskSequence ID, you will need this in part 5 of the blog series.


The BOOTSTRAP.INI file contains information to access to the MDT deployment share when booting from the WinPE ISO file.

The Automation buildingblock will automatically configure the BOOTSTRAP.INI file.


The Automation buildingblock will automatically configure the CUSTOMSETTINGS.INI file.

Change WinPE ISO background:

Instead of a boring white MDT background I use a custom background when building MDT images. This buildingblock will replace the default background in the MDT SAMPLES folder with a custom one. When (re-)building a WinPE ISO file, this background will be included and shown when booting form the ISO file. Please be sure to schedule this module on every agent where you have deployed the MDT Deployment Workbench.

Automation BuildingBlocks:

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2 opmerkingen

Marcel Venema
Marcel Venema
19 mrt. 2019

Hi Pavan, With PowerShell I create a VM and then alter the MAC address of the VM to match the reference image.

Code for vSphere like:

Import-Module VMWare.PowerCLI -ErrorAction Stop

Connect-VIServer -Server <server> -Credential <credentials> -ErrorAction Stop

$MyVM = Get-VM -Name <VM name> -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

$VMAdapter = Get-NetworkAdapter -VM $MyVM

$VMAdapter.ExtensionData.AddressType = "Manual"

$VMAdapter.ExtensionData.MacAddress = <this is the MAC address>

Set-NetworkAdapter $VMAdapter -Confirm:$false

Kind regards, Marcel


18 mrt. 2019

Hello Marcel,

Thank you for the blogpost. Just want to check how did you pre-create the MAC Address for the VM's in the configuration.ini file? Do we need to create the VM first and have the mac address recorded once done?



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